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Assisted Living Resources

Cost of Care, Arizona Long Term Care System, VA Aid & Attendance, Insurance, Purchasing, Refinancing, Franchising, Mobile Services, Forms

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Manager & Caregiver Resources

Approved Manager Training Programs & CEU’s, Job Dashboard, Caregiver Verification

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Senior Resources

Arizona Long Term Care Assistance, Advocacy, Adult Protective Services, File a Complaint, Veteran Services, In Home Care Services

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Hospital Resources

Arizona Medicaid Waiver Programs, Assistance for Unqualified Aliens, Discharge Planning, Case Management Education

Housing Options

Senior Referral Specialists, Adult Day Health Care, Adult Foster Care, Behavioral Health Facilities, Group Homes, Assisted Living Homes & Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities

Public Policy

Arizona Department of Health Services, Centers of Medicare, NCIA Board, Zoning, Fair Housing

Non-Profits & Assistance Programs


Social Media

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Events & Educational Meetings


How were helping the community…


  • Discharge Planning from a higher acuity to a Residential Facility
  • Assistance with DES application for Nutrition & Financial Assistance
  • TB Testing & Screening Policy
  • Same Day Discharge Program for Hospitals & Rehabs
  • CLASS: How to apply for Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) as a provider through the APEP Provider Enrollment System
  • CLASS: Update your Policies & Procedures
  • SB1373- Fall prevention/recovery Policies and Training Programs
  • Resident ALTCS Applications throughout Arizona
  • Facility ALTCS Application Assistance throughout Arizona
  • Resident VA Aid & Attendance Application Resource Assistance & DD214
  • Assistance with Fingerprint Application
  • ALH Community Assistance Program
  • Temporary Housing for Heat-Related Emergencies
  • Updated Senior Placement List
  • Updated City and State True Statistics for Assisted Living


  • ALTCS Health plans Single Case Agreements being denied for Older Adults with Disabilities
  • Local Fire Departments refusing Older Adults with disabilities access to emergency services
  • Older Adults with disabilities kicked out of their homes due to AZDHS Revocations in Assisted Living
  • Multiple Facilities & ALH Managers being denied applications to operate
  • AZDHS changing the interpretation of Rules without notifying operators
  • AHCCCS denying Older Adults with disabilities assistance when they meet the necessary criteria’s
  • ALTCS Healthcare plans denying Bedbound or Directed Care Residents in Residential Facilities and being forced to live in a Skilled Nursing Facility
  • City of Mesa disregarding Request for Accommodation and evicting all Older Adults living in Assisted Living who cannot exit in an emergency without Assistance. (pending)
  • Placement Agency failed to complete Resident Annuity & ALTCS Application (pending)
  • Assisted Living Center Zoning denied (pending)


  • Donated Hoyer to ALH
  • Raised $700 to help with temporary Housing
  • Donated Wheelchair to ALH
  • Facility forced to close down due to missing fire panel for 4 years- (Given 1 year to become compliant before receiving residents)- Resolved
  • Shower Chair donated to an ALH
  • Hoyer Donated to an ALH
  • Financial Assistance; Transportation & Incontinence supplies donated to Resident upon discharge from Hospital.
  • Hospital bed, Hoyer, Incontinence, Groceries and financial assistance donated to a Family in need in Glendale
  • Hoyer Donated to an ALH
  • Raised $300 for Temporary Housing
  • Hoyer Donated to an ALH
  • Hospital Assistance for Temporary Housing of an undocumented older adult on Dialysis. Financial Assistance, Housing, & Transportation provided

Free 30 minute Consultation with an Aging Expert Available

(623) 201-8545

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Ligia Ilea-Naik | Aging Specialist, CEO & Founder

Board Licensed ALFM, Healthcare Lobbyist, Discharge Planner, Certified Caregiver, First Aid & CPR

(623) 201-8545 Ext 5 |

Kerry Halcomb | Aging Specialist, Director of Home Health

Board Licensed PT, Home Health Advisor

(623) 201-8545 |

Rebecca Nimz | Aging Specialist, Director of Nursing

Board Licensed RN, BSN, ALFM, Discharge Planner, Certified Caregiver, First Aid & CPR

(623) 201-8545 |

Costel Roman | Aging Specialist, Director of Hospice

Community Liaison

(623) 201-8545 |

Shawn Hern | Aging Specialist, Director of Staffing

Board Licensed ALFM, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Caregiver, First Aid & CPR

(623) 201-8545 |

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ALH Community Assistance Program

Facilities with 3 or less Residents struggling to find new Residents, encountering financial hardships, needing free CEU’s or can benefit from free Incontinence supplies and DME APPLY HERE! >>>

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Free Hoyer Program

If you are an older Adult or a Residential Care Home APPLY HERE for a FREE Patient Lift/Hoyer

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Same Day Discharge Program for Case Managers

If you are a Case Manager and need an Aging Specialist or Resources to minimize your time spent and be more efficient with discharges and help prevent re-admissions download this program


Industry Reports

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What Others Are Saying

… Ligia Naik ,she is great business woman, she really have a passion for what she does. What I’m most proud of is her ongoing wiling to help the community and especially her fellow colleagues in our industry. She is hard working,but born with business skills and she is humble

Biltmore Assisted Living

Ligia Naik is an amazing, hardworking, and highly influential leader in the Senior Living industry. In addition to Ligia owning her own assisted living home, running a successful senior placement agency, an active board member for the Arizona Assisted Living Homes Association, launching a medical supply retail location with her husband, and providing a free resource center for other senior industry professionals in support of their businesses – she is the first person to provide ANYONE with a helping hand and support.

Eric Owen

👩🏻👏💕Talk about an amazing woman and friend. She is the Vice President of the Arizona Assisted Living Association, she is helping low income older adults to find homes she also is running her own Assisted Livng Home, and she has medical supplies store for more affordable prices. Ligia Naik deserves definitely to be the National Bussines Women!!! She is non stop helping and helping and really has a passion for what she does. Thank you for everything you do.

Traci Victor

…While running her ALH , Medical Supply Store and being on the ALHA board she still finds time to help everyone coming her way for anything.

Alina Novac

…She’s an influential businesswoman with a strong drive to provide diverse service models to the residential care industry.

Claud Covaci

She advocates for seniors everyday. She leads a team that helps others find solutions for care and end of life decisions. She is fearless and passionate about helping others as they age, especially when they have no one to turn to. She is there for them.

PK Fields

 Ligia Naik ALH owner, Board of Directors member, Medical Supply Store Owner, and trusted resource should be nominated for her extensive hard work & commitment to bettering care in ALH’s as well as in helping other ALH owners find & utilize appropriate resources. These resources ensure care for our elderly and vulnerable population is everything it should be! Compliance, fairness and transparency are values Mrs. Naik holds dear and she proves it every day! Additionally, Ligia is a true and loyal friend who enjoys empowering others. She is a perfect candidate, as an inspiration to what women in business can accomplish!

Yvette Colclasure

… she is helping low income older adults to find housing, she is doing industry reports on Homes, Facilities, Hospitals and Rehabs, she also is running her own Assisted Livng Home, and she is associated with her husband in running a medical supplies store for more affordable prices. Ligia Naik deserves definitely to be the National Bussines Women, and not just because of her entrepreneur capabilities, but also for the fact that her main focus behind her businesses is helping others. She is one of the kindest, determined, empathetic and talented person I ever met and I strongly believe that if this world would be made by people similar with Ligia Naik, this place would be a better place.

Francesca Duncan

…She continuously strives to improve the assisted living industry by providing homeowners and residents with an abundance of resources, whether that be medical supplies, placement agents, or general information. She advocates for residents on a daily basis and truly cares about making a difference in the community. Not to mention she owns her own ALH, owns a medical supply store, and still manages to be part of associations such as AALHA. What can I say, this woman does it all!

Roxana Partiu

Ligia is a great leader in the community. Hardworking. Her ethics are at the top. An inspiration to other and always comes from contribution!

Sela Dragan

My auntie has been in a few senior homes, but this is by far the nicest and cleanest home in town. The stuff is awesome and i feel that they take better care of my auntie than we could. Ligia is the best!!! Highly recommended!!-


I met Ligia a year or so ago and have witnessed her selflessness to help anyone and everyone…..her impact in the community and businesses in AZ… the true definition of Influence.


I just want to let you know that everybody loves you because you are the best and very smart thank you.

Costel Roman

… Ligia is a selfless person,responsible,honest, efficient and extremely competent. She strived to be who she is today, and nothing could stop her.

She is one good example of the fact that women can rule the world!

Daniela Totora

Thank you. You provided the most amazing care for Kim. Carmen was wonderful. We all thank you so much.


I want to thank Ligia Ilea Naik. She’s a selfless warrior…pics and full story to come…from my perspective. #shesabeast


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