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(How a Bill becomes Law in Arizona)

Supporting Documents

AZLEG.GOV VOTES (updated 2/25/20)

Thomas Adkins, PEORIA, CITY OF(02/20/2020);    Karen Barno, Self(02/11/2020);    Jennifer Carusetta, HEALTH SYSTEM ALLIANCE OF ARIZONA(02/12/2020);   Michael Colletto, PROFESSIONAL FIRE FIGHTERS OF AZ(02/11/2020);    Janna Day, AZ ASSISTED LIVING FEDERATION OF AMERICA(02/19/2020);    Gaile Dixon, Self(02/20/2020);    John Flynn, AZ FIRE DISTRICT ASSN(02/19/2020);    Stuart Goodman, ALZHEIMER’S ASSN DESERT SOUTHWEST CHAPTER(02/11/2020);    Julie Hoffman, Self(02/11/2020);    Shelbe Hunsaker, AZ ASSISTED LIVING FEDERATION OF AMERICA(02/11/2020);    Don Isaacson, ARIZONA LEADINGAGE(02/10/2020);    Marie Isaacson, ARIZONA LEADINGAGE(02/10/2020);    Pam Koester, ARIZONA LEADINGAGE(02/10/2020);    Ian Linssen, MESA, CITY OF(02/12/2020);    Robert McCormick, Self(02/20/2020);    Andi Popescu, Self(02/17/2020);    Donna Taylor, Self(02/20/2020);    David Voepel, AZ HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATION(02/10/2020);    Jon Scott Williams, Self(02/10/2020);   Barry Aarons, AZ TRIAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION(02/20/2020); Barry Aarons, Self(02/20/2020); Janice Goldstein, Arizona Trial Lawyers Association(02/19/2020);Steve Strecker, Self(02/15/2020);
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