Thousands of Healthcare Companies represented in one place!

Keynote Speaker: Karen Barno

Date: October 13, 2022

Capacity: 600 ppl


An Event that can give Older Adults, their loved ones and Healthcare Professionals resources and contacts to navigate through these uncertain times. A Healthcare event where Assisted Living is the #1 Topic. Sign up and reserve your ticket for the opportunity to talk to hundreds of Healthcare Professionals & Facilities in the State of Arizona.

Our Goal this year: Educate, Empower & Inform!

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Older Adults & their loved ones, Hospitals, Behavioral Centers, Rehabs, SNF’s, Assisted Living/Memory Care Centers, Assisted Living Homes, Adult Foster Care Homes, Group Homes, Placement Agencies, Hospice, Home Health, Physicians, Mobile Providers, Healthcare Professionals, Nonprofit Associations, and more


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Date: October 13, 2022
Loc: La Princesa Reception Hall- Metro Center

9830 N Metro Pkwy W, Phoenix, Arizona 85051

Time: 8am-8:55am Registration
9am Conference Begins
4pm- End of Conference

During the event we will Release:

1.2022 Arizona Assisted Living City & State Tru Statistics will be available. Created by Intouch Senior Services. Contains: How many AFC, ALH & BH Homes are in each city in Arizona, How many are Medicare Certified, How many Adults & Older Adults are in each city, what % are dependent on care, how many veteran live in each city and much more.
2.Senior Referral Specialist List
3. Awards for the Top providers in Arizona (ALH of year, ALC of the year, Hospice of the Year, Hospital of the year, Rehab of the year, Placement of the year, Home Health of the year, Doctor of the year & Person of the year)


Seniors 65+ FREEGeneral Admission $25Residential Facilities (ALH, AFC, BTH)/Exhibitor $50
Assisted Living/Memory Care Centers $50Business Providers/Exhibitors $500Non Profit Associations/State Organizations FREE

Brought to you by:

Ligia Ilea-Naik | Aging Specialist, ALFM
CEO & Founder INtouch Senior Services
CEO & ALFM INtouch Assisted Living
Kerry Halcomb | PT
CEO Kerry Halcomb Consulting
Aging Specialist INtouch Senior Services
Nihal Naik | MBA, Finance
CEO INtouch Medical Supply

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Title Sponsor: Staff-On-Site

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