Need For Speed Marketing PHX Aug 2020

ALL of Arizona’s 1800+ Homes represented in one place!

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Topics: ALTCS, Placement, Provider Services, ALH Statistics

Need For Speed Marketing PHX
Date: August 22, 2020
Loc: American Royal Palace- Conference Center
1915 W Thunderbird Road, Phoenix, AZ 85029  

-9am-10am Registration/Brunch

-10am Program Begins

-1:30am-12pm 1st Break
-1:30pm-1:30pm 2nd Break

-3:30pm Event Ends


All Assisted Living Home, Adult Foster Care Homes & Adult BH Therapeutic Homes do you need more resources to fill your home and run it well? Are you spending too much money marketing with little to no results? Do you want to meet Placement Agencies? Hospices? Home Health Agencies? Do you need help Insuring your business? Do you need a Mobile Doctor? Do you need help registering for ALTCS? This event will equip you with resources to last for months or even years.

All Registered Homes will have their name and 500 Business Cards provided by NFSM PHX available for registered Providers. Each home will have 1 representative. Each provider will sit at their table for 5 min before moving on to the next home. There will 3 breaks, at this time each home will have the opportunity to change their Member representing the Home. Homes that registered but do not attend will still have their name and business cards available for Providers on their table.

Cost: $50 (per owner)

During the event we will Release:
2019 Tru Cost of Care Survey for all Residential Facilities to complete to assist give a more cost of care per Resident residing in a Home as opposed to a Center or Skilled Nursing Facility.
2019 Arizona Long Term Care Survey for Assisted Living created by multiple Senior Advocate Organizations throughout Arizona to raise awareness of the needs and facts of AFC, ALH & BH Homes in Arizona. (AALHA, PASRS, ALHO, INTOUCH, KC’s HOME HEALTH, HOSPICE OF THE WEST)
2019 Arizona Assisted Living City & State Tru Statistics will be released to the public. Created by Intouch Senior Services & Sponsored by Solace Hospice. Contains: How many AFC, ALH & BH Homes are in each city in Arizona, How many are Medicare Certified, How many Adults & Older Adults are in each city, what % are dependent on care, how many veteran live in each city and much more.


Aging, Disability & Adult Providers are you overwhelmed by going door to door, or making phone calls and not reaching the owners or emailing homes and not getting a response? Do you want to meet the Home Owners in person? This event will give you the opportunity to talk, exchange information and get updated contact information to every registered Assisted Living, Behavioral & Adult Foster Care Homes in Arizona. 

All Providers will be allowed up to 6 staff members representing their company, at the same time or switching at the 3 breaks available. You will have 5 minutes to interact with each home before moving on to the next home. 

Cost: $300-$400 (1 staff member $300, 2 staff members $350, 3-6 staff members $400)

(AALHA members will remain at $300 with up to 6 staff members)

**All Providers will receive a list of updated contact information from all the homes registered. **

Some examples of Aging, Disability & Adult Services are:

(Hospice, Home Health, Palliative Care, Referral Agencies, CPA’s, Public Fiduciary, Dentists, Rehab Centers, Caregiver Staffing Agencies, Transport, Medical Supplies, Vision Center, Realtors, VA Assistance, ALTCS Assistance, Social Workers, Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapists, Volunteers, Mobile Services: ((Doctor, Density, Podiatry, Beauticians, Entertainment, Notary, Labs & X-rays, Health Screenings, Emergency Services, Pain Management, Behavioral Assistance and many more)) Associations & Organizations for Seniors. 




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