SB1373 is on the Agenda for March 22, 2021

Many say, Retired Firefighter Steve Wagner is passionate about CPR, First Aid and Falls for Older Adults.

The Residential Assisted Living Homes and Caregivers are having difficulty seeing that side.

Steve Wagner is calling Caregivers


“Striping people of their basic human dignity and sometimes their lives

Steve Wagner also say’s

Residential Assisted Living Homes implement “No Touch Policies”& “No Lift Policies”

“Caregivers in a Residential Assisted Living Homes don’t perform CPR”

Steve Wagner wants caregivers to perform Emergency Care before EMT’s arrive. Unfortunately, what Mr. Wagner fails to realize is that Residential Assisted Living Homes are non-medical facilities and depend on Emergency Medical Services just as much as the Public does.

We need EMT’s to remain the public’s emergency medical safety net.

This video is sad and misleading about the Residential Assisted Living Homes here in Arizona.


We continue to oppose SB1373

VOTE NO to SB1373 and vote yes to Community Education and Prevention!

Author: Ligia

Aging Specialist

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