Congratulations to the Solace Team in Phoenix, Arizona for getting a “deficiency free” state survey this year, 2021, from the Arizona Department of Health Services. After an extensive examination, state officials found no flaws to report in their survey.

“We are proud to have Zero Deficiencies. “This was possible because we are passionate, we work hard and we work as a team”, said Costel Roman, Director of Business Relations.

Solace Hospice is in existence to provide competent and compassionate care to patients and families at end of life. Their vision as a company is providing the absolute best in compassionate and competent care that is cost effective with the best possible outcomes.

Their Core Values

Commitment– Solace Hospice is committed to the delivery of compassionate care for all our patients, families, community, and the professionals that serve at Solace.

Compassion– Compassionate care is at the very heart of what Solace does. Compassionate care values human dignity. It is doing the right thing for the right reasons. It is what differentiates us from other hospices.

Competence– Competent care is essential to providing the best in care. Solace Hospice prides itself on bringing excellence to the hospice patients we care for.

Community– Community support is vital to providing compassionate care. Community support enables us to enlist the collaborative support of volunteers and other community partners.

For more Information contact :

  • Costel Roman | (480) 450-8867
  • Email Us
  • 16841 N 31st Ave, Suite 161, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Author: Ligia

Aging Specialist

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