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One of our residents at INtouch Senior Services had a fusion surgery with DR Bedi. I was asked to do a post op class the day before surgery. I thought the class was brilliant and very informative. The RN and Physical Therapist spoke well and explained the surgery in depth. The day of surgery we arrived at 10am with a set time of 12 for surgery. Intake was an easy breezy process. I think that was also do to with the hospital staff and DR Bedi’s staff calling ahead and getting as much detail as possible. The staff was very kind, patient and mad nice jokes and kept my resident very comfortable. They asked many times if she had any questions and if she needed anything. DR Bedi was very professional and detailed about the surgery. DR Bedi the Anesthesiologist went over all the medication and history. The PA Sondra was able to answer all the questions we had, and explained the surgery process very well. Surgery started around 3pm that was a little exhausting but I have to say overall it was a great experience. Restrooms were very clean and smelled like someone just took a shower. It was very cold, but what hospital isn’t cold? I recommend taking a jacket and wearing socks. I’m glad to see Abrazo Arrowhead so busy and well staffed. Cafeteria had a lot of options including Gluten Free! It was quite enough for me to work while I was waiting. Dr Bedi called me at 5:15 pm while I was still in the cafeteria. I got to see my sweet lady at 6:15pm. Great follow up and care, discharged next day! We’re so happy with her surgery and care.

Ligia Ilea | Aging Specialist

Author: Ligia

Aging Specialist

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