Industry Reports: Rehab Centers

At the Beginning of my tour I was greeted by the Admissions Director and the Director of Inpatient Rehabilitation. After spending over an hour touring amazing facility I learned many amazing services Abrazo Inpatient Acute Rehab offers. As I walked through the facility I noticed it is divided into 4 room sections and a nursing station nearby each section, including 2 bariatric rooms. The Nurses do “Hourly Rounding” every hour they check on each patient’s needs face to face. Each room is a private room with a window, bed, wheelchair, private bathroom, Tv even a communications board with schedules that families can review and stay up-to-date. All throughout the unit I saw communication boards about safety, schedules for therapy, education, performance, patient satisfaction, a Brag Board and more. All staff is hired from within, which helps keep turnover low, it seemed like they were all part of a family. Many of the Nurses and therapists are bi-lingual. At all times there are at least 2 RN’s on staff, with additional aides to assist.
There is a Medical Physician on staff every day working one-on-one with each patient to develop and implement an individualized care plan that meets your unique physical, occupational and speech-related needs, even on the weekends. Abrazo receives referrals from all over the valley even from out of state, after touring this facility I can see why. The bathrooms have showers and tubs, so they can prepare their patients safety at home after discharge. Patients can be treated on site even if they have a wound vac, hemodialysis, trachea and many more. Another plus? The ER is literally right around the corner, X-ray services even the ICU is upstairs, so emergency services are available on premises. The Kitchen is very clean and spacious, patients are encouraged to eat at least 2 meals a day in the kitchen. The activity/resource room has a Wii, TV’s, magazines, books, puzzles and a computer patients can use to look for resources or pay their bills.
Abrazo rehab continues providing resources and assistance even after a patient is discharged, following up and asking if they could be of any more assistance. In the rare case that a patient does not qualify for admission, Abrazo will refer them to other facilities that can meet their needs. If a patient is ALTCS pending Abrazo Rehab will admit them and even help with the application process. Internships are encouraged. I asked myself what makes this Facility so great? Organization, Priority on Safety, Follow-up, Education, Experienced Staff, Cleanliness, Great Environment and resources; even with all the resources on their premises they continuously reach out into community to learn how they provide more for their patients.
Average length of stay: 10-14 days
Capacity: 16 bed unit
Staff Ratio: 1 to 4 (even on the weekends)
Accreditation: CARF Pending
In Business since: 2015
Goals: Regain your strength, mobility and independence.
Services: Everything from multi-trauma, neurological and neuropsychological rehabilitation to prosthetics and orthotics management, just to name a few;
• Stroke
• Traumatic Brain Injury / non-Traumatic Brain Injury
• Neurological / Movement Disorders (i.e. Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis)
• Hip fractures
• Selective knee and hip replacements
• Amputation
• Cardiac conditions
• Chronic respiratory conditions
• Debility from prolonged hospitalization
• Congenital deformities
For more information on the Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation program at Abrazo Central Campus, call us at 602-246-5371
2000 W Bethany Home Rd Phoenix, Az 85015

Author: Ligia

Aging Specialist

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